Registered Dietitian

What is a Registered Dietitian?

Dietitians meet national standards for education and training. Dietitians have a university degree in foods and nutrition from an accredited university program and hundreds of hours of supervised, hands-on training. Just like all regulated health professionals, dietitians are required to practice ethically and to complete annual professional development to make sure their skills are up to date. They are also required to be registered with the College of Dietitians in whatever province they work.

What do Registered Dietitian do?

GBACHC dietitians provide group, individual and family counselling on a variety of food and nutrition topics. These topics include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, bowel concerns, picky eating, unintentional weight loss, and non-dieting approach to weight management. If you have diabetes, you will see a dietitian on the diabetes education team. GBACHC dietitians take referrals from health care providers and self-referrals from people within our catchment area. See Susan Bird at 519.238.1556 x298

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